17 year old arrested for 7 bank fraud cases

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On Tuesday morning, February 1, a girl was arrested in a house in Almere, The Netherlands. She is suspected of being involved in the fraud of seven mostly elderly people, who issued their bank cards and PIN codes in 2021. The girl was able to steal at least 44,000 euros.

From May 2021, several mostly older people were defrauded in various corners of the country. They were called by a fake bank employee, who managed to get the victims to give their debit card and PIN to a courier. Then their bank account was looted. At the end of November, images of an unknown woman were shown in Opsporing Verzocht, which is a Dutch Wanted television program. She withdrew approximately 18,000 euros with bank cards from a man from Nieuw en Sint Joosland, a woman from Hengstdijk and again a victim from Nieuw and Sint Joosland, namely a woman. Thanks to valuable tips, the police discovered the identity of a girl from Almere.

Before the arrest was made, the police gained insight into four other scams in other parts of the country. In August, a woman (81) from Cothen in Utrecht was defrauded for 5,000 euros and an 81-year-old woman from Nijmegen for more than 4,000 euros. In September, an 87-year-old woman from the Frisian town of Stiens was lifted for 9,000 euros. Finally, this woman was seen when a 69-year-old woman from Hoogwoud in North Holland was disadvantaged for more than 8,000 euros.

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