150 Python Algorithms waiting to be used by you

If you are having troubles to write algorithms, then this major resource of Python algorithms might be the perfect solution. The user keon on Github has collected over 150+ Python algorithms that can be used instantly in any source code.

He has classified the algorithms by type, and you can download them directly from Github.

The types of algorithms

  • Array algorithms
  • Backtrack algorithms
  • Bfs algorithms
  • Bit algorithms
  • Design algorithms
  • Dfs algorithms
  • Dp algorithms
  • Graph algorithms
  • Heap algorithms
  • Linkedlist algorithms
  • Map algorithms
  • Math algorithms
  • Matrix algorithms
  • Queue algorithms
  • Search algorithms
  • Set algorithms
  • Sort algorithms
  • Stack algorithms
  • String algorithms
  • Tree algorithms
  • union-find algorithms
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