15.854 kilo of Cocaine confiscated after arrest of 44 year old male

In total, about 15,854 pounds of drugs have been confiscated by government officials.

The governments of Brazil and The Netherlands were able to track down one of the biggest cocaine dealers. The 44 year old Dutch/Turkish male tried to export and import cocaine via fruit boxes.

The big delivery was supposed to reach Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, but the Dutch police were able to confiscate the drugs before it could reach its destination.

The Rotterdammer of Turkish origin is explicitly associated with a transport of 8000 kg of cocaine, it was intercepted end of 2012. It was the biggest drug bust ever in the Netherlands. The party drugs with a street value of 500 million euros was hidden under a load of bananas, which would be delivered to a company in Zoetermeer.

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