117 million LinkedIn accounts should activate Two-Factor authentication

A couple of years ago, there was a big breach at LinkedIn which resulted in the theft of account credentials. The theft of the credentials allowed cybercriminals to focus on new targets, as the credentials could provide them access to restricted environments.

But it is not only the access to the restricted environments which should worry you, the cybercriminals which got their hands on the credentials are now able to login at stolen LinkedIn accounts, allowing them to map the environment so they can select targets for future / current hacking operations.

Now there have been a lot of posts which claim that you should change your LinkedIn password, but I think it is more important to understand that Two-factor authentication is the only way to be certain that your account is not being misused.

How to enable Two-factor authentication on LinkedIn

You can enable your LinkedIn Two-factor authentication by following these steps:

  1. Open the top-right menu and click on Manage next to Privacy & Settings.
  2. On the tabs along the bottom-left-hand side, click Account > Manage security settings (bottom of the left column).
  3. Under Two-step verification for sign-in, click Turn On. Enter a reliable cell phone number and then click Send Code.
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