10000 dollar device used by criminals to steal ANY high value car

Stealing cars has become very easy for criminals which have the 10000 dollar device, the device contains code which alters the computer of the car, allowing anyone to start the car with just a press on a button.

In a documentary which has been released by Panorama (Dutch Company), it is viewable how criminals are able to steal cars within just a couple of minutes.

10000 dollar device 1

The documentary is about the life of criminals which come from the French cities, the documentary states that the criminals from the French cities can be compared to organized crime, the gangs from the French cities have distribution channels and claim to be 150000 man strong.

In the documentary, the interviewer is allowed to travel along with a criminal from the French cities, the criminal shows on camera how easy it is to steal a high value car – and while he does that, he explains that he has a device which is capable of hacking any high value car within minutes.

10000 dollar device

The 10000 dollar device is claimed to be built in Russia, and it has been specially crafted for criminals.

The criminal states in the video that he can steal any; Alfa, Aston   Martin, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen Dacia and so on. He also states that with a couple of thefts, he was able to get back his investment of 10000 dollar. He continues to claim he is able to start any car which is worth money.

The documentary also explains that there are only 100 devices in the world which have been crafted by that Russian company.