10 Tips on how to become a better hacker

Hacking is an art. It requires patience, passion and most important of all – knowledge. If you are trying to become an professional ethical hacker, then you will have an very interesting path in front of you. The working area of an security professional is awesome and it will take you to all kinds of places (if you want).

But before you can enjoy the good stuff of being an ethical hacker, you will need to follow these 10 simple tips:

  1. Stay passionate about security and hacking
  2. Urge yourself to learn something new each day
  3. Force yourself to communicate with other security professionals and hackers
  4. Attend security conferences so you can discuss topics and ideas
  5. Learn how to code
  6. Use tools as an tool, do not depend on them
  7. Participate on open-source forums and security / hacking forums
  8. Stay ethical
  9. Audit your own environments for security weaknesses and try to understand them
  10. Try to force yourself to read manuals before prompting commands in a terminal