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10 Malicious PayPal sites [11-04-2020]

Share this with people that should know this:, and are just some of the malicious PayPal sites which we have listed down today. The malicious Paypal sites have been listed in such a way, that you can utilize the malicious PayPal sites list in multiple ways. 

Some statistics about this PayPal sites list

In total, we have found a number of 10 unique PayPal site domains. There is a total of 7 destination IP addresses which have been collected by resolving the PayPal site.

Beware, there is a high chance that this list contains malicious paypal sites.

PayPal sites list

IP Domain* PayPal site* 33paypal[.]shop 33paypal[.]shop
fgsyuma[.]com service[.]idpaypal[.]fgsyuma[.]com
aumsuccessaum[.]com paypal-auth[.]aumsuccessaum[.]com beeksfx[.]com paypaltest2[.]beeksfx[.]com
dfdxdfdy[.]com cs-replysrvcepaypal-feedbacks[.]dfdxdfdy[.]com sm[.]tc scptestpaypal[.]sm[.]tc pulsaviapaypal[.]com pulsaviapaypal[.]com cxmzalr[.]com paypal-entrance[.]com[.]cxmzalr[.]com accountchecks[.]xyz paypal[.]accountchecks[.]xyz earnpaypalcash[.]com promo[.]earnpaypalcash[.]com

* For security reasons we have replaced the “.” in the domain and the PayPal site with “[.]”.

PayPal sites IP list

PayPal sites list
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