10 Best Websites to Download Free AfterEffects Templates

It is easy to guess the best visual effects and motion graphics software. That is Adobe AfterEffects. It is equally famous among beginners and professionals of the industry. This makes it the first choice even for those who are just learning about motion effects. But there is a problem here for the beginners. It is that creating new effects is not easy and they need some templates to take inspiration from or edit to make them better.

So, there arises the need for a database of Adobe AfterEffect templates that are free and rich in content, which prove to be help for the users. Keeping in mind that beginners do not have that much budget to buy premium templates, below listed are the best 10 websites which can help them download free AfterEffects templates.

  1. RocketStock

It is one of the most genuine websites to download free AfterEffects templates from as it is owned by the famous ShutterStock, which is a website that sells stock images. A great part of using RocketStock to download templates is that its templates are of very high quality as compared to some websites that give cheap templates for free.

Moreover, if you have some money, you can get your hands on even better AfterEffects templates too from RocketStock.

  1. VideoBlocks

Another site which is entirely in the industry of stock digital data. It currently has more than 7,000 free After Affects templates ready to download, and all of them come with the license that they can be used by anyone without any restrictions. It also has premium templates if you want to buy some.

  1. 99 Templates

It has one of the largest collection of free AfterEffects templates on the internet. It doesn’t come with any tricks of buying premium templates, which means all the templates there are totally free to download and use. It has a simple interface, easy to navigate and a delight for all those who want to download free AfterEffects templates.

  1. Aedownload

Wouldn’t it be cool if you get a website which has over 7,500 free templates for AfterEffects? Aedownload can do all that. You just have to visit it and then start your search for a template that you need. You will find plenty. Bonus: it also has WordPress themes and scripts, so if you are looking to build a website, these source codes can help you a lot.

  1. AfterEffectVN

Searching for the right template is quite a headache if you are searching in a free database, but on AfterEffectVN, this process is easy. You just have to use the search bar for searching any template and it will show all of the related templates. Also, if you just want to go through some templates, you can do that too by simply browsing.

  1. AfterEffects Templates

It is a Ger.Eng-Media website that has about one thousand free templates ready to be downloaded. When you will start browsing the website, you will notice that the AfterEffects templates are of very high quality, which will only increase the value of this free website for you.

  1. Templates

It is huge website having a great database of all kinds of free digital related templates be it landing pages, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, CMS, PHP, jQuery, e-commerce, or AfterEffects. To download free AfterEffects templates, you have to search the website and you will find plenty of Ae templates to play with.

  1. Effect-dl

It is one of those websites which offer everything for free without asking for anything in return. Its collection of AfterEffects templates is enormous and all of them are high-quality templates. The search bar makes it easier for you to search for any specific template you want. It also has templates for Adobe Photoshop too, so if you are looking for PSD templates, it provides those too.

  1. Intros For You

It is one of the most legit websites when it comes to showcasing free AfterEffects templates. Besides AfterEffects, it also provides free templates for Sony Vegas Pro, Cinema 4D, and Apple Motion. The whole website is fast and simple to use. There won’t be any problem in downloading templates as it is a regulated website.

  1. Motion Array

Although it is a premium AfterEffects website, it also offers many free templates. You can browse the website to download free AfterEffects templates. The process to download is quite straightforward so you won’t experience any problems.

Complete Address of the Above Websites:

  1. https://www.rocketstock.com/free-after-effects-templates/
  2. https://www.videoblocks.com/videos/templates/ae-templates
  3. http://www.99templates.net/
  4. http://aedownload.com/
  5. http://www.aftereffectvn.info/
  6. http://aftereffectstemplates.org/
  7. https://www.template.net/
  8. http://effect-dl.net/
  9. http://www.introsforyou.com/
  10. https://motionarray.com/browse/free
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