Dutch Police’s Strategic Shift to an Internal Cloud: What’s At Stake?

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Heard the news? The Dutch Police are making a pivotal tech shift1: transitioning their sensitive data to an internal cloud system.

Ever wondered why they’d take such a step? It’s more than just keeping up with tech trends.

This strategic move is driven by multiple factors, including technical benefits, scalability, and the urgent need for rapid implementation of new functionalities.

As outlined in their budget and management plan for 2024-2028, the Dutch Police aim to leverage the cloud for “quick and affordable new functionalities.”

The scalability that comes with cloud technology offers a resolution to the continuously growing stream of information essential for policing2.

Internal Cloud: A Safety Net?

So, why an internal cloud and not an external one? The Dutch Police are unambiguous on this: no sensitive data will ever find its way into an external cloud.

Given the increasing risks of data breaches, this decision seems sound, don’t you think?

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