Why would cybercriminals target you?

Are you having trouble with paying your mortgage also known as the “Death contract”? Are you aware that you are using your computer as an financial administrator? Well – cybercriminals are aware that people have mortgages to pay and have debts. Cybercriminals are always lurking for people that are in a rush of need – this could be easy money, illegal products or a simple hack.

Criminals have created and are still creating phishing websites that will offer you cheap loans or even free money. All you have to do is leave your credentials at the website so they can send you the money. Criminals are using new techniques to gain your credentials. The websites are made up in parts and will try to gain your credentials step by step. The first page on a loan website could be a form that asks for your full name. The second page asks for your address and phone numbers. The third page asks for your financial credentials or will ask you to download a (malicious) file that will contain financial malware.

Cybercriminals don’t care who they target – the only thing they are after is money and sometimes they also do it for the fame.

Have you ever experienced being on a phishing website? What did you do? It takes some skill to detect phishing websites. You need to know what to look for. Well here are some tips:

  1. Search for the HTTPS string in the URL Address
  2. Doublecheck the domain
  3. Install an anti-virus
  4. Enable safe browsing 

If the tips check you are on a safe website. If you miss the HTTPS string well - don't leave any confidential information.