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27 sites defaced

January 22, 2017 0

A couple of hackers had a busy night. Yesterday, a total of 27 sites were certainly defaced by this group. The list contains sites, and a lot of the servers which are compromised were […]


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Emergency Ransomware template mail

by CWZ in Downloads 0

We have created this emergency ransomware template mail so that you can use it to inform your users about a possible breach within seconds. Feel free to use this template, customize it, adjust it, and [...]
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How to remove malware

by CWZ in How to 2

Malware can be literarily regarded as computer parasites and its full meaning is malicious software. It is a software script that is written to hinder the proper functioning of the computer. One of the reasons [...]
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Beware of Fake Facebook pages like Luxury Gifts

by CWZ in Facebook 3

Facebook pages like LuxuryGifts4You are trying to lure unaware users by claiming that they have special prices which they want to give out for free. The only thing the user needs to do, is to [...]

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Beware of, it is used to spread malware!

by CWZ in malware-research 0

The domain has been listed on Cyberwarzone as it is a domain which is known for spreading malware to unaware internet users. The domain is used by cybercriminals to infect unaware users with malware and Trojans [...]