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What happens when you block someone on Facebook

If you want to block someone on Facebook, it is wise to know what happens when you block someone on Facebook, and in order to inform you what exactly happens, we have written this short but direct post.

Once you block someone on Facebook, you are only disallowing that specific profile to:

  • See things you post on your profile
  • Tag you
  • Invite you to events or groups
  • Start a conversation with you
  • Add you as a friend

And the information above has been taken from Facebook themselves. So yes, if you block someone their profile, the PROFILE will not be able to do the things which are mentioned above – but that does not mean that your account cannot be viewed by others or via different accounts of the PROFILE you blocked.

In order to achieve a full ‘block’ protection on Facebook, it is wise to follow this guide, which explains which steps you need to take in order to fully protect yourself (think about setting your privacy settings to private – instead of public.

Please spread the word :)

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