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War declared on Hong Kong Police by Anonymous

The Anonymous hacktivists have announced that they will attack the Hong Kong Police force via cyberattacks and that they will take down government sites and networks.

The Hong Kong police has not responded to the threat of Anonymous, but it is certainly not something they can use at this moment.

Currently there are thousands of people in Hong Kong which are protesting against the current government.

The protestors want to have their voice heard, they claim that it is time for China to become a democratic country.

Pictures of defaced websites in #opHongKong

You can understand that the current Chinese Government is not happy with this. The government stated that the have ordered the police to take down the protestors which have gathered in Hong Kong.

The Anonymous hackers have published an video for the #opHongKong operation. We have mirrored the Operation Hong Kong transcript on Pastebin.

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