@VirtuallyTec leaks 4 major universities databases with 50K+ user creds & satellites information

Virtually Technical also known as VTEC is an new founded hacking group. Today they posted a message to @Cyberwarzonecom with their leaks. The hacking group VTEC has hacked and leaked multiple universities records.

In a total they have attacked 4 universities that have information on satellites, honey pots, transponders and frequencies used by the universities.

The following links will lead you to the leaks:


If you are requested for an password use: b1234

The universities affected:

  2. UNC university
  4. Wisconson university

Greetings fellow internet goers, this is the first data drop from a newly formed team called, "Vtec." Or in non-shorthand form, Virtually Technical. We are a small, tight group of hackers who thoroughly enjoy the act of breaking into stuff we aren't supposed to be in, and making off with the data. To be honest, I don't give a shit what you think of us, neither does the rest of our team; So if you got anything negative to say, shove it back down the whore of a throat it came from and shut the fuck up :)