@VenomSec hacks afghanislamicpress.com and leaks information on PasteBin

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TeamVenom has striked the afghanislamicpress.com website. They have provided the database credentials and information in the leak that has been hosted on PasteBin



      Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) is an independent Afghan news agency founded during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in 1982. We distribute news reports from our correspondents in towns and cities throughout Afghanistans. AIP takes pride in its professional reporting standards, cross-checking all of our information from at least three sources. We have maintained our independence by financing our journalism entirely through our commercial activities. We have refused all funding by any government, non-government organization, western or Arab institutions.

      AIP was founded in Peshawar by Muhammad Yaqoub Sharafat at a time when almost no resources existed to provide reliable news coverage from inside Afghanistan under the Soviet occupation. The agency has continued its work through the many chapters of Afghanistan’s conflicts since then, and you can read its full history below. 

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