Unknown hackers launch multiple Fajr-5 missiles on Tehran, Iran

It was code red. Unknown hackers achieved to break in to the C&C center of the Iranian forces. The still unknown hackers initiated an missile attack on the Iranian main capital Tehran. The Iranian army responded fast and intercepted the missiles before they could hit Tehran.

Scenario - not a real event. This did not happen. 

Iranian officials reported that the command and control centers were back under the command of the Iranians. The officials stated that the unknown hackers have not been traced yet but that the Iranian High Tech Crime Unit is investigating the attack. The officials say that the attack could have been an state sponsored attack. Research that has been done concludes the following on the attack on Tehran and the hack takeover of the Iranian C&C centers.

How did it happen?

An still unknown person gained physical access to the command center via an employee or via the use of the famous USB trick. The command center got infected by an virus that granted the hackers access to the missile control systems.

The Fajr-5 missiles are deployed from remote vehicles that carry the missiles. The hackers successfully took over the remote vehicles controls and initiated an missile attack on Tehran.

Can it happen in your country?

As this "doomsday" scenario is played in Iran it seems like a far distance that it could happen to you. But do you think that it is possible that hackers take over Obama drones to start firing on USA civilians? or that hackers can take Russian submarines via satellite connections?

Electronic devices that got hijacked

DARPA announced that they will be researching the possibility to put electronic devices at sleep at the bottom of the sea and when they are needed they will emerge from the bottom and will provide the needs that they were called for. As DARPA says these devices will only aid the environment - the devices can also be used as weapons that are sleeping at the bottom of the sea. They could even carry missiles.

What would happen if these got hijacked?