The aftermath of the heart bleed bug crisis

May 13, 2014 0

Written by Peter Rietveld and Bram van Pelt. A preliminary Post-Mortem of Heartbleed. A lesson in Crisis Management? Last week was Heart Bleed week. It was what experts call the biggest security breach in the […]

iDroid bot targets Apple and Android devices

May 13, 2014 0

Cybercriminals have published a new tool on the internet which allows them to remotely control Apple and Android devices. On Youtube a video has been published on how the iDroid bot works and how it […]

What is swatting

May 12, 2014 49

Some people on the internet just don’t know when to stop. Swatting is a case when a online user has a problem with another online user. One of the users will try to find personal […]

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