Beware of the VenomHTTP Botnet

April 16, 2017 1

VenomHTTP is one of the latest botnet builder that is being sold on underground markets. The botnet is currently being sold for 54.99 dollars (VenomHTTP + builder) and a single build is being sold for […]

Swiss CERT cracked the Tofsee botnet DGA

December 26, 2016 0

The Tofsee botnet domain generation algorithm has been cracked by the Swiss Governmental Computer Emergency Response Team. The CERT states that the malware sample was found in their malware zoo, and that they decided to […]

Botnet Controllers March Freely on Internet

December 31, 2014 65

Botnet Command & Control(C&C) servers hosted on 7,182 distinct IP addresses detected by Spamhaus in 2014 have increasing of 525 (or 7.88%) comparing to numbers of detected in 2013 According Spamhuas majority of botnets used […]

Hackers use defaced sites to build a botnet

November 29, 2014 0

Hackers and hacktivists are using defaced websites to infect unaware visitors with malware. The malware allows the hackers to control the infected device. The AnonGhost hackers are using their defaced websites to build a botnet […]

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