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Scam: Popeye’s Employees caught on camera

On Facebook a new scam has been launched by cybercriminals. The cybercriminals are trying to lure unaware Facebook users with a fake Popeye’s video which would show two employees performing non-work related activities.

The Popeye’s scam claims that 1 million people have shared the video.

Once you click on the malicious Popeye’s employees Facebook scam you will be redirected to the popeye.wixyz.cxm domain.

Popeye’s Facebook scam

popeyes scam on facebook
popeyes scam on facebook

The victim will be shown a fake video, but before the victim is allowed to watch the video, the victim will be forced to share and like the malicious popeye.wixyz.cxm domain.

popeyes facebook scam
popeyes facebook scam

After sharing the domain to the Facebook timeline, the user will be redirected to another website which will try to serve malicious advertisements, surveys and applications.  The cybercriminals launch these type of scams to earn a online revenue from the unaware users. It is possible that the cybercriminals will use Remote Access Trojans to build a botnet from infected devices.

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