Human Autonomous Zones - The Real Role of Hackers

How the role of hackers in society has changed. They used to be a necessary counterbalance to corporate and government power. Now, it's more like hackers are the only ones who understand the technology. They have become a balance to the power of technology itself. A discussion by renowned author Doug Rushkoff.

Human-Powered Helicopter: This you have to see!

"I grew up wanting to fly," says Graham Bowen-Davies. "I guess I just settled for being an engineer."

He's standing on an indoor track in southern Maryland, watching a giant helicopter take flight. At the end of each of its four spindly arms — arms he helped design and build — a giant rotor churns the air. In the cockpit sits the engine: a 0.7-horsepower, 135-pound graduate student named Kyle Gluesenkamp.

Hacking a $20 Toy Helicopter into an Autonomous Drone

Have you ever wanted to build a autonomous drone but you lacked the money? The student in this video developed a autonomous drone by hacking a $20 toy helicopter which is completely awesome! Drones has been rising in the public market for several years now and you can find them in various prices. The military has been working on their own drones and they equipped them with various tools like camera's, microphones, trackers, jammers and weapons! 

Remote Code Execution on Paypal-Makerting Video

Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Authentication Hacked, Video

Security researcher from Germany who developed before fingerprint dummy for iPhone 5S was able to