Cyber Spionage Targeted Dutch Ministries, U.N. & NATO

The Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence have become the target of cyber espionage last year

Facebook used to serve malware - SCAN YOUR PC NOW

Facebook has a lot of malicious applications and we have combined the ones which we have found on one page so you can take a look at the way how these malicious pages are made. We hope that you will get a better understanding of these type of threats after reading this article on websites which are serving malware via Facebook.

A preliminary Post-Mortem of Heartbleed: A lesson in Crisis Management?

By Bram van Pelt and Peter Rietveld. Last week was Heart Bleed week. It was what experts call the biggest security breach in the last years. Both the regular and specialized press have spent a lot of time explaining what this is and how it could be fixed.

You would expect that everything on the subject is said by now; the fix is known and already applied in most cases. It was just a bothersome bug but we can get back to business as usual. Right?

OpenSSL Heartbleed Flaw Test websites

U.S.Officials and security experts recommend that people refrain from logging into a website and

Are You Affected by the Identity Theft? Check Secure Online

In early April German authorities discovered a major case of identity theft 18 million combinatio