Facebook video 'Free Sex Scandal' serves malware

A erotic post on Facebook is luring thousands of users to a malicious website which will serve malware to the unaware user. The Facebook hoax is titled:'Free Sex Scandal' and it shows how two persons are having a erotic time but it does not show the video to the user.

BREAKING: Hackers use CNN template to misinform people

Everyone is familiar with the logo of the Cable News Network also known as CNN. But did you know that hackers are using the famous colors and template of the CNN to trick unaware users with misinformation and hoaxes? In the following still active example you can see how the hackers behind the website used the CNN template to trick users into sharing a Facebook message which will probably go viral within a couple of shares.  

[SHOCK VIDEO] 900 KG Gaint Snake Got Out of Lake in USA! Facebook malware

On Facebook a new hoax is spreading about a 900KG Giant Snake which should have been spotted in a lake located in the United States of America. The Facebook hoax is titled '[SHOCK VIDEO] 900 KG Gaint Snake Got Out of Lake in USA!' and it's only goal is to trick people to click on the malicious link which will get them infected with some type of malware. 

Check if this Windows option is disabled else you might get hacked!

Please read this if you are using a desktop computer or a laptop from your home. Did you know that each Microsoft Operating System is equipped with various tools and techniques which allow the operating system to work better and faster? There is a catch to this, the tools and techniques need to be used by your computer else they are just an open door to each hacker that wishes to perform malicious activities on your computer. 

Hacker snifs and exposes 678 Twitter Accounts

This hacking group which is responsib