New: Anonymous #OpUCKG plans for January 5th 2013

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#OpUCKG is a global Awareness event.

There two stages:

Stage one: Print and pass out flyers in local cities surrounding UCKG churches and facilities.

stage two: Global Protest set on January 5th 2013 at any UCKG church or facility such as television stations, radio stations etc...

The problem with The "Universal Church of the Kingdom of God" (UCKG) is that the cult is not a religion but a racketeering scheme set up by the self-anointed Pentecostal leader Bishop Edir Macedo. He admitted his plot to swindle money from the masses in a video. This cult is dangerous and the world must not stand for this kind of criminal activity.

Stay tuned, Files will be made available. Please share distribute and contribute.

Message is as followed:

The "Universal Church of the Kingdom of God" (UCKG) originated in Brazil and founded by the self-anointed Pentecostal leader Bishop Edir Macedo in the early Seventies, grown popular in the most deprived areas of both Brazil and many other countries. With their promises of miraculous healings and supernatural financial success, the (UCKG) manipulates its followers into donating all of their life savings and even homes to the "church" leaving them completely penniless.

The (UCKG), through acts of bleeding victims of their wealth, have acquired property, including, but not limited to, Temples, Radio stations, TV stations, a fleet of private jets etc... The (UCKG) has been known to commit crimes such as financial scams, money laundering and violent persecution of ex-members.

In the late Eighties a videotape of the (UCKG)s founder and leader "Bishop" Macedo, showing him lecturing "Pastors" on how to extract money from their victims, was leaked to the Portuguese and Brazilian Television channels.
[And if someone won’t give a bunch load of others will. You have to arrive and make an impression people, will now help with the work of god. And if you don't want to god will find someone else to help, Amen. Do you understand how it is? If you want to help, amen if you don’t BUGGER OFF! Either you give or you go to Hell! Do you get me? Thats how it is.

That way the people will fall for your coincidence. The people have to feel the courage of the pastor. The people have to trust you. If you show yourself weak-willed. The people won’t trust in you to pray. Thats right, you have to be the people’s SUPER HERO people, We will do this here, it is the challenge. I did that! I picked up a Bible and said: Either god honors his word or he throws it away. And I would THROW THE BIBLE ON THE FLOOR! Did you really? You threw down a Bible in the United states? On the floor, yeah! On Television too. That will call people’s attention Man, that guy really is with god, he has the power.

Then you have those, who are traditionalists. They say, oh, he is a false prophet. He will be cursed. But there are others who will think: This is what I’ve been waiting for. I’m tired of reading the bible all those words, and nothing ever happens in my life. That is the one who will be on our side! That is it, all or nothing! And he will put it all there. Who boards in this thing will be blessed who ever doesn’t board ... will be left behind! Do you see how it works? You cannot ever feel any shame. ASK! ASK! ASK!]

~Bishop Edir Macedo~

Today their membership is comprised of mostly younger people and immigrants who are not aware of the (UCKG)'s history. (UCKG) is very dangerous and rapidly growing whilst, incredibly, the press seems to be silent.

Currently "Bishop" Macedo resides at a palatial home in Miami Florida and has an estimated net worth of two billion dollars. Macedo has the justice system wrapped around his finger in the United States, however, after a long investigation by the federal police, Brazil's attorney general is finally litigating a big fraud and racketeering case against Macedo.
"One day the poor will have nothing left to eat, but the rich." ~ Anonymous~
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect Us.

Find the Facebook protest page here:!/events/425449824169662/


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