The Netherlands suffered over 250 critical cyber attacks report concludes

The Netherlands suffered over 250 critical cyber attacks in 2011 - 2012 that could have crippled the Dutch infrastructure. The report that has been released by the National Cyber Security Centre in The Netherlands shows that The Netherlands experienced at least 250 cyber attacks that targeted the infrastructure of The Netherlands.

It is the first time that the Dutch government provides an chronological list of cyber attacks that were targeting the Dutch environment. 

The attacks that have been registered by The National Cyber Security Centre ranged from weaknesses in the security of ICT systems to targeted attacks on ministries.

Cyber attacks in 2013 crippled The Netherlands

The attacks that are listed in the report are all from 2011 - 2012. The Netherlands has already experienced some heavy attacks in 2013. One of these attacks is the attack on the financial sectors in The Netherlands. This shows how The Netherlands is not prepared for cyber conflict. The attacks that were targeting the financial sectors are not claimed yet by an state or an hacking team.

What would happen if for example China would publicly initiate an cyber attack on The Netherlands? 

Dutch citizens not prepared for cyber warfare

The Human is the weakest link when it comes to security - we can see how this effects the power of an managed cyber attack. The people that were using the ING Bank service noticed that they could not log in during the DDoS attack on the financial sectors. So what did they do? They started sharing all their problems they had with the ING service on social media. This became a wonderful information resource for future hacks.

Some even showed the amount of money they usually have on their account. This is a great thing to know for a hacker as the hacker could specify specific targets to target. 

ING bank account holders became millionaires in seconds after hack

The National Cyber Security Report 

The National Cyber Security Report has been divided in 9 pages that can be found here.