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Massive collection of password wordlists to recover your lost password

Massive collection of password wordlists to retrieve your lost password.

Are you having a hard time to retrieve your lost password? Then you might want to use this massive collection of passwords to retrieve your personal account. Do remember that brute forcing accounts without permission from the account holders is illegal. We are sure that you will enjoy this massive collection of passwords and wordlists. Download them for free, do not pay for them! By the way, did you know that the FBI is searching for hackers that smoke weed?!

This collection can also be used by security experts, feel free to add this collection to your personal wordlist collection.

This library of passwords and words can be used while you are auditing a legal and authorized target.

Online Hash wordlists

Cracker Hashes
Tobtu 50,529,455,839
TMTO 36,436,233,567
MD5Decrypter(uk) 8,700,000,000
OnlineHashCrack 5,211,644,250
AuthSecu 500,000,000
Gat3way 458,000,000
MD5this 400,000,000
NetMD5crack 171,392,210
Kalkulators 100,000,000
Rednoize 76,834,449
Gromweb 45,543,530 40,000,000
Crackfoo -NNC 38,227,555
MD5Rainbow 33,517,066
Digitalsun 31,000,000
Hashcrack 30,654,899
Sans 20,264,963 16,173,854
MD5-lookup 8,796,772
MD5decrypter 8,103,123
MD5-db 5,500,000
MD5-decrypter 3,400,000 3,585,150
Shalla 2,218,319
Hash-Database 1,635,062
MD5decryption 1,300,000 1,131,017
Drasen 568,064
MD5finder 429,477
MD5pass 327,497
Bokehman 230,000
Shell-Storm 154,994
Xanadrel 104,209
Joomlaaa 23,469
Appspot Multi
Noisette Multi
MD5crack Multi
Kinginfet Multi
Benramsey Multi
VHCTeam ?
Hack-Shop ?
Longgie ?
RAH-Labs ? ?
Wordd ?
Anqel ?
CMD5 ?
web-security-services ?
MD5online ? ?
C0llision ?
MD5hood ?
Schwett ?
TheKaine ?
Fox21 ?
Generuj ?
Cracker Hashes
MD5decrypter(uk) 8,700,000,000
OnlineHashCrack 5,211,644,250 40,000,000
HashCrack 30,654,909
Fox21 ?
LMCrack ?
CMD5 ?
Cracker Hashes
OnlineHashCrack 5,211,644,250
HashCrack 30,654,911
NiceNameCrew ?
C0llision ?
Fox21 ?
Cracker Hashes
MD5Decrypter(uk) 8,700,000,000
Rednoize 76,838,852 40,000,000
Sans 20,264,963
SHA1-Lookup 18,949,380 3,585,150
Hash-Database 1,635,065
CMD5 ?
StringFunction ?
Web-Security-Services ?
Cracker Hashes
Hash-Database 1,635,067
Shalla 1,143,472
Cracker Hashes
OnlineHashCrack 5,211,644,250
Hashcrack 30,654,899 3,585,150
CMD5 ?

Download the following Wordlist which includes more websites that provide free wordlists. The document has been secured with the following password:


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  • Digital Valdosta

    I downloaded the list but the password is in correct: “cyberwarzonelist”


    Be sure that you use ‘cyberwarzonelist’. I just checked the file and the password ‘cyberwarzonelist’ is correct.

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  • Digital Valdosta

    Hmmm… I copied and pasted it and typed it in. Still no go. Oh well. (Using LibreOffice on Linux Mint13)

  • Jason

    Lol, how useless. You made it sound like you had a list of the actual passwords. Who cares about a list of sites, smh. Anyone can google that. #WasteOfTime

  • Kelvin

    password is incorrect

  • Justus

    It seems that Hash Tool Kit ( has the best database of md5 and sha1 hashes.

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