Kimani Gray 16 year old shot 11 times: People call for mass street action on Tuesday night

Robert Jackson, Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Kimani Gray, Ramarley Graham, Sha. These people all have been the victims of police brutality in New York. The people in Brooklyn have had enough after Kimani Gray lost his life after he got shot eleven times. 

It seems that in Brooklyn there is a protest going on - some even mentioned multiple riots. It al started after the Brooklyn police used brutality on the 16 year old Kimani Gray it resulted in the death of the 16 year old. It did not take long before an Anonymous spirit collected multiple police telephone numbers and posted it to PasteBin

The Anonymous spirit calls all people to start calling the Police Stations to let them know how "Fucked" they are. 

Some people mention that is was a right act of the police to take down the 16 year old Kimani Gray. 

As the stream grows more information comes in. It seems like the cops moved in without wearing any uniforms that would identify them as cops. 

No​t the first time

People in Brooklyn Chanting love.