Sudan and the mainstream media both seemed convinced Thursday morning that Israel was behind the destruction overnight of an arms factory in the heart of the Sudanese capital of Khartoum.

The arms factory suddenly exploded and caught fire late Wednesday night, and Sudan's leader immediately pointed the finger of blame at the Jewish state.

"Four Israeli warplanes fired missiles at a military factory in the Yarmouk industrial district," charged Sudanese Information Minister Ahmed Belal Osman at the UN Security Council, adding that Sudan "reserves the right to respond, even militarily."

The Sudanese government's version of events sparked small demonstrations in Khartoum where participants chanted "Death to Israel."

When asked about the Sudanese accusation by Israel's Channel 2 News, Defense Minister Ehud Barak responded that "there is nothing I can say about this subject."

It is widely believed that Israel has on several occasions bombed targets in Sudan that were involved in smuggling arms to Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Intelligence sources say most of the arms originate in Iran and travel via sea to Sudan, which under its current leadership has opened itself up as a storage facility for any and all forces dedicated to Israel's destruction. From there, the weapons are smuggled via the Egyptian Sinai into Gaza.

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