IRGC commander warns against US "foolish move" in Persian Gulf

TEHRAN (ISNA)-Commander of the IRGC Navy Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, playing down possibility of any US military attack against Iran warned the arch-foe to avoid "foolish moves" in Persian Gulf or its troops will not leave the region unharmed.

"If the United States commanders made any foolish move in Persian Gulf, their troops would not leave the region unharmed," he said Wednesday.

"The Presence of US occupying forces in the Persian Gulf is considered as a threat to the Islamic Iran," he said and added the Revolutionary Guard Corps attention has always been on the issue.

The United States and more than 25 other countries are going to hold a large-scale minesweeping exercise in the Persian Gulf on September 16-27, a move which some say is aimed at increasing pressure on Iran over its nuclear program. Iran has threatened it would close the strategic Strait of Hormuz that links Persian Gulf to open seas in case of any military action against its nuclear facilities. Strait of Hormuz is the passage of nearly 40 percent of the world's oil supply.

"The Persian Gulf is a strategic waterway and the US has dominated many countries and their energy resources by its presence there, therefore the US has never intended to cause insecurity in Persian Gulf," he emphasized.

"Even one gunshot in the Persian Gulf is definitely against the interests of the US and its allies," he said.

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