Iran: “Soldiers of Islam” Hack Cartoonist's Facebook Page

The official Facebook Fanpage of Mana Neyestani the Iranian cartoonist, comic book writer and designer  was hacked on Tuesday, 11 September 2012, by pro-regime hackers who call themselves “Soldiers of Islam”.

The hackers celebrated their action on their own Facebook page (now removed) by posting the following message: “Thanks to God, we conquered Mana Nayestani’s Facebook account.”

Mana Neyestani post on his Facebook:

Dear Friends apparently the hackers lost the fan page. I got it back, or at least it seems so. We should wait and see. Thanks for your kindness and supports.

On Nayestani's page the group posted several cartoons and images against countries including the United States, Israel and Canada. Nayestani is a very popular cartoonist and his fan page has about 70,000 “likes”. Global Voices has published several of his cartoons and covered his arrest over a controversial cartoon in Spring 2006.

One of the hackers' cartoons is about Canada's decision to sever diplomatic relations with Iran. It's titled “The impact of the Canadian embassy's closure on Iran” and shows it as being irrelevant: