The Hackers Army attack on failed? or did they succeed to attack an honeypot with 250+ plain users?

So we just released a copy of the article on the FBI hack where more then 250 accounts were leaked on the internet by the Hackers Army. I was curious and i checked out the list. It looks like the list is a fake release by the hackers army or they just hacked an honeypot. 

If you take a good look at the list you will see that the credentials that are used are similar to the credentials that spam bots use to populate an environment. 

[email protected] - $$$$$$$$$$$$$

[email protected] - moore.lisa

[email protected] - fraudadmin

The WHOIS information shows that the ip's that are used are not related to the FBI in any logical matter. 

You can find the article here and the pastebin here.