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    The leak contains the information of 49,611,709 Turkish citizens and according to the hackers, the following information has been included in the Turkish Citizenship Database;

    • Full Address
    • National Identifier (TC Kimlik No)
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Gender
    • City of Birth
    • Date of Birth
    • ID Registration City and District
    • Mother’s First Name
    • Father’s First Name

    More information on Reddit

    Turkish Citizenship Database dumped from security


    • mernis.sql.tar.gz (1.5GB compressed – 6.6GB uncompressed)
    • Torrent | Magnet URL
    • SHA512(mernis.sql): b1f61764c44117ae9d11e3a825b34b042e973797b94b29a5b4b65cfc009ea5b49
    • be7fc5438c2f5fb388b7431c3d967ea959bc976c4bc81123a18dee68a61feba

    Virustotal link:




    Find the Database

    Go to google and paste the following


    Post on Cyberwarzone

    Russian hackers seize Credentials of 50 million turkish citizens

    Extra information:

    1. http://www.welt.de/wirtschaft/webwelt/article153993595/Hacker-stellen-Daten-von-50-Millionen-Tuerken-online.html
    2. http://www.nachrichtenxpress.com/04/2016/hacker-stellen-50-millionen-meldedaten-tuerkischer-buerger-online/
    3. http://www.turkishpress.de/artikel/digital/04-04-2016/hacker-veroeffentlichen-daten-von-49-millionen-tuerken
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    Ugur A

    Please don’t forget: Most of the data belong to poor citizens. So please don’t missuse the database. Thank you all.

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    I don’t understand how to view it. Copy and paste just leads to a breakdown of more encrypted files.
    I am not looking to misuse info, just want to view list as I have permission to research one that was born in Turkey … for his birth mother, father (we have names), of whom I now believe are deceased, but there are possibly two brothers living that he would like to contact. I wish to ask them if they would like to know him. If not, that is fine, but wanted to try.

    If you ever tried to obtain Turkish birth family info, names we know, you are expected to have a Mernis ID #, few understand not having one, but he was born in 64′ adopted at less than a month old … Mernis did not begin to assign #’s until 1972. If one was later assigned, we would not know it.

    Adoption was legal with interpreter, judge, notary, witnesses, Director of orphanage.

    He would like to have the birth registry record copy … I know the Volume and page numbers, but getting anywhere with no known Mernis # is next to impossible.

    I have been at this forever. Even had an Izmir lawyer, but to do POA, Turkish Consolate here in L.A. wants his Mernis # to set appt. and even they cannot grasp he does not have one.

    This is just driving me insane.

    I figured, after hearing of this leak, that perhaps, the brothers could be found, prove to them his relation and then pay them to simply obtain a copy of hus birth registry bc they would be able to simply go in, show their own ID and ask for a copy.

    Is list alphabetical? I just need to view the “K” last names.

    Can anyone assist me with viewing it?

    Thank you for any help at it.

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