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Fake Alert in browser: Virus Alert Mac Support Helpline

Beware of the “Virus Alert Mac Support Helpline” scam which is currently active on the web, the scam claims that your device has been infected with a virus, and that you should call the “1-888-283-5495” number to mitigate / remove the virus from your device.

The “Virus Alert Mac Support Helpline” scam claims to be an online antivirus product. In the picture below, you will be able to view the “Virus Alert Mac Support Helpline” scam.

Virus Alert Mac Support Helpline

The scam claims to hold the following capabilities to identify malware:

  • Virus protection
  • Idle-time scan
  • Vulnerability protection
  • Quick scan
  • System scan
  • File scan

It also uses the logo of Norton Symantec.

So please be aware if you are hit by the “Virus Alert Mac Support Helpline” scam while surfing the web. Simply close your browser, and perform a antivirus scan with a genuine antivirus product.

Technical details

IP which is used by the domain:


Subdomains which are used:

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  • /driverupdateroll/firewallerror.php

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