Emergency Ransomware template mail

We have created this emergency ransomware template mail so that you can use it to inform your users about a possible breach within seconds.

Feel free to use this template, customize it, adjust it, and do whatever you want to make your environment more prepared for a potential ransomware attack.

This post is part of the bigger post ‘How companies get infected by ransomware’.

The Emergency ransomware template mail

Dear username,

The company has been targeted by a ransomware attack. This attack focusses on locking out access to files or complete devices. You have received this email as a warning to take extra care when opening email attachments or downloaded files from the internet.

The email that we have identified as a ransomware attack contained the following properties:

Title:   Invoice FedEx 21314
Attachment name: invoice.rar
Sender: john.doe@vulny.shopping

Please do keep in mind that the above is just one of the thousands of ransomware emails that are being send out hourly.

If you do not trust an email – you can take the following actions:

  • Ask your colleague to take a look and help you to identify if it is legitimate or not
  • Ask me (your system administrator / cyber security officer)
  • Call the person that has send you that email to verify that it is legitimate
  • Move it to a special folder which contains these types of emails and respond to them when you have a couple of people helping you.

If you have any questions, then do not hesitate to inform your manager – so he can group all the questions and send them out to me.

Yours truly,
Your name

Founder of Cyberwarzone.com.