Did Turkey use a false flag to escalate war with Syria?

Does Turkey envision the rise of a new Ottoman Empire?

Yesterday Turkey fired on Syria killing at least five civilians. The known victims are two adult females and three children. At least ten other civilians were wounded. Previously, stray munitions allegedly landed in Turkey killing Turkish civilians.

Turkey fired more munitions into Syria today. Casualties are unknown at this time.

Yesterday Turkey told the UN that the Syrian government claimed responsibility for stray munitions landing in Turkey. Turkey says their attack on Syria was a justified response. Turkey also requested a UN imposed "no fly zone." A "no fly zone" was used as a de facto declaration of war against Libya earlier this year.

It has know emerged that Turkish leaders lied about Syria claiming responsibility. It is also highly plausible that the stray munitions came from the Turkish backed Free Syria Army[FSA]. Turkey may have used the actions of their own proxy army to escalate war with Syria.


Turkey is harboring the FSA and providing them with camps and arms along their border with Syria. The FSA are radical Sunni Jihadists. Many of them are professional Jihadists from all over the world. Large numbers of Jihadists who fought against Gaddafi have allegedly arrived in Syria to join them. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the US State Department is also widely accused of providing support for the FSA.

Sunni militants seek to overthrow the coalition government of Assad, who is a Shiite. The current government is made up of Shiites, Druze, Christians, and moderate Sunni under a banner of Arab nationalism. Radical Sunnis hope to overthrow this government and institute a Saudi style Islamic dictatorship. Religious minorities, especially Christians, are the main victims of their violence.

Turkey once lorded over the Arab nations for hundreds of years. Turkey and Israel have cut their long standing alliance over the issue of the Palestinians. Turkish leaders may have viewed their relationship with Israel as an impediment to expanding their power and influence in Arabia.

The Turks are not Arabs. They come from one of several Turkic tribes from Asia Minor and Central Asia. Specifically they are the Osmanli, or Ottoman Turks. Their namesake comes from a 13th century warlord who was able to take advantage of a power vacuum left by the fleeing Mongols. The Turks became masters of psychological warfare. They used extreme cruelty and torture to prevent conquered people from fighting back. They also maintained their empire through the use of huge numbers of slave soldiers. The Turkish Sultan would had pick monarchs for the client nations and hold their children in the Turkish court as hostages. The center of Islam was the Turkish capitol.

Besides providing camps and arms for Jihadists operating in Syria, Turkey has threatened a full scale invasion of Syria. It appears Turkey seeks to make Syria a client state and replace Arab nationalism with radical Sunni Islam.

Syria was a Turkish possession for over four hundred years. Turkey only lost its Empire during World War I. Turkish military assets are currently mobilized against three of it's neighbors including Syria, Greece, and Iraq. Turkey has repeatedly threatened to invade northern Iraq as well to destroy bases for Kurdish separatists.

Turkey lost it's empire during WWI. However, Turkish leaders may view WWIII as a chance to reclaim much of it.

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