My vision of the youngsters of today: The concrete world.

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My vision of the youngsters of today: The concrete world.

Welcome dear readers, i am writing this article because i want the society to wake up. A lot of the youngsters don’t know what they want to do, but they all know that they want to earn a lot of money. This is a mindset I see a lot in my society, of course there are some youngsters that work on their future and got a goal in mind but a lot don’t.
You start making money when you are not drivin by it. 
I am tired of seeing people make the same mistake over and over again. It is like they do not learn from their history. When you ask someone for help they always want something back for it. This is not how we should live; we should be willing to help one and another for nothing. Instead of working alone on a project you could inspire your friends and work as a team. But no, this is not how it works today. Everyone is after their own money and motives.
Forget the money and focus on networking with people. When you start networking you get a group of people around you that share the same dream. Becoming the best, now you can focus on your goal with a team – see it like a student’s association or the Bilderberg group.
Now how can you change your society? It is simple, get your friends together and start brainstorming about what you guys really want. Start networking online and in real life – search for groups that you are interested in. You still at school? It can’t be better – Your classmates have the same goal as you do, start meeting up with them and share knowledge. Start a company together or an advice group – you name it!
Just initiate something and stop hanging around at the streets earning that 60 euro a day. With hard work and passion money comes by itself.
I hope you guys will start a discussion down here – interested in your opinions.

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