Kontera tags not showing up in Drupal

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 The way people find and discover information on the web is evolving and changing. In the first wave of the web we’ve seen information discovery grow from simple web directories to sophisticated search destinations.

At Kontera we believe that in the coming years information discovery will evolve even further, ushering an era where relevant information will actually find the user whenever and wherever that user is on-line. We are building a platform and company to satisfy this shift.

Since Kontera’s founding our vision has been to connect Internet users, with relevant information, while they are viewing content anywhere on the web. We believe that relevancy, quality of information, and a quality web experience are essential to attaining this vision.

We’ve made significant progress throughout our journey developing advanced technologies, and scaling the Kontera Synapse platform to the benefit of users, publishers and advertisers alike.


Kontera’s Synapse platform forms the basis for addressing multiple market segments with offerings ranging from related information for large websites, to operating the leading in-text ad network, and delivering ground breaking solutions in the rapidly emerging mobile space.

Our results include:

  • Kontera Synapse Platform analyzing, in real time, more than 3 Billion page views each month.
  • More 15,000 web and mobile publishers now using and relying on Kontera products to help them attain their goals..
  • Kontera reaching more than 140 million unique users each month.
  • Kontera delivering significant advertising campaigns for major brands, and yielding more than 30% engagement rates, 5 times the brand lift of traditional banners (comscore July 2010), and 7% to 12% click through rates.
  1. Works with Drupal
  2. Works with Wordpress
  3. Works with Joomla
  4. Works with HTML websites

You can visit their website at: http://www.kontera.com/about-us

And their blog can be found here: http://blog.kontera.com/

I have realised that working with Kontera comes with a little effort from your side. The time that the tags will be viewed on your website is in 24 hours. 

Now the problem that i am having at the moment is the next drupal issue:

"The tags won't show up on my drupal website. I applied for Kontera Publisher 28 hours ago, i still got no tags. Maybe i should have some patient."

If anyone has some information please post. 

Kontera you guys still doing a good job ! 




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