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How to blog on Cyberwarzone

Dear Cyberwarzone community. Cyberwarzone provides an ideal environment to publish your mind. The Cyberwarzone website allows the community to provide their blogs on Cyberwarzone.

These blogs are provided by cyberwarzone members and are published to the world wide web.

How to publish blogs on Cyberwarzone

If you wish to participate in the blogging community then you will have to be an Cyberwarzone member. You can become one by simply registering at the registration page. Registration is free.

Once you have registered your account and have become and Cyberwarzone member you will be able to publish your blogs by clicking on the Add blog link.

Your blog will be indexed at the blog page.

Rules for publishing your blog

I'm going to be straight forward with this. At the very moment that you post illegal stuff i will take your blog down and will list you on the blacklist. Cyberwarzone is an environment where people are interested in reliable information.

Illegal information only brings harm to people. So does pirated software as they often include malware.

So the rules:

  • Pictures have to be at an maximum of the following scale:"420x420". Anything that exceeds will be deleted.
  • No illegal content.
  • No linking to childporn.

    (Inform the administrator via the contact link when you see childporn on the cyberwarzone domain. If you are interested in providing information on CP then please contact the administrators before posting the blog.)

  • No pirated software / music.
  • No active download links that contain malware.
  • No malicious content

Tips for blogging

  1. Use pictures
  2. Describe your thoughts
  3. Leave an question to the audience
  4. Engage the comments on your blog

Most important rule

Enjoy your time on Cyberwarzone and enjoy the community. Show respect to all. Well.... Respect the ones that show respect. :) 


Intrested in Information security concepts