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 Incorporating high-resolution earth imagery into your projects
or applications has never been easier. From asset management,
change detection, exploration, navigation, online/wireless mapping
applications, and more,..

DigitalGlobe worldview Imaging Corporation was founded in January 1992 in Oakland, California in anticipation of the 1992 Land Remote Sensing Policy Act (enacted in October 1992) which permitted private companies to enter the satellite imaging business.


In 2011, DigitalGlobe was inducted into the Space Foundation's Space Technology Hall of Fame for its role in advancing commercial Earth-imaging satellites.

DigitalGlobe owns and operates the most agile and sophisticated
constellation of high-resolution commercial earth imaging satellites. QuickBird was the first 60 cm commercial satellite and WorldView-1 is still one of the most agile commercial satellites ever flown. WorldView-2 adds to our impressive collection capacity and brings intraday revisit around the world. Our aerial collection sets the standard with wall-towall coverage at 30 cm resolution in the United States and Western Europe.And WorldView-3 is just around the corner with expected launch readiness in 2014.

DigitalGlobe provides access to the world’s largest collection of highresolution Earth imagery, the company can also task satellites proactively for certain locations according to customer needs.

For example, disaster relief and emergency response teams require access to certain locations in near real-time in order to most
efficiently and safely secure the desired area.