The Wikiboat: again Tango down

If you try to visit the website you will probably not get the website. TheWikiBoat has targeted GEMA.DE and has made the website unaccesable.

The Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte (English: Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights; GEMA) is a performance rights organization from Germany. It is the only such institution in Germany and a member of BIEM and CISACHarald Heker is the Chief Executive Officer.

GEMA represents some 65,000 composers, authors and music publishers and the rights of more than a million copyright owners internationally whose works are used in Germany. Its purpose is to collect royalty fees from the organisers of public events where music protected by GEMA is played as well as media manufacturers and publishers and broadcasting stations.

The GEMA collected 850 million euros in copyright fees in 2008.

German members of GEMA can be divided into three groups: 54,605 associated members, 6,406 extraordinary members and 3,343 full members. The distribution of revenue is decided annually at the general assembly, which consists of the full members as well as 34 delegates of the associated and extraordinary members. Disbursements go largely to the full members, whose repertoire represents the lion's share of the listed works.

In Germany, case law has established the so-called GEMA Vermutung, a presumption that works are managed by GEMA due to its monopoly position. As such, in Germany the burden of proof is on the accused infringer that the work is not managed by GEMA.

Recently a article got published that The German police had searched over 100 anonymous houses linked to the GEMA ddos attack.

Looks like they have been attacked again..

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