Whatsapp: Im going to hack your status

A security breach in the whatsapp application makes it possible to change the users whatsapp status. The website provides a service wich allows you the alter the whatsapp status of each device.

No authentication
Changing the user status is done via the xmpp-servers from whatsapp. The service uses the protocol to communicate between the application and the servers.
Once a request is done for a change of status – the request is not monitored or checked if the request is coming from the correct device.
This breach has already been mentioned before on This breach was noticed in september.
Since a while there are rumors about leaks in the 'amazing' and free-to-use app WhatsApp. The engineers of WhatsApp are telling their customers that they will fix it as soon as possible while it's been a long time now. So on this website we will show you one of the major leaks of WhatsApp. You can simply change anyone's status message by just entering the phone number of the person and the new status message. Just try it out and you'll see the status being changed directly.