What kind of penetration testing tool do you use? And prefer?

Penetration testing is used to test an infrastructure. With the help of a penetration test you can see what kind of vulnerabilities you have in your infrastructure. Once your infrastructure has been tested, the penetration tester will give you advice on what to do with your infrastructure vulnerabilities.

A list with top security tools.


1. Nmap –  Get Nmap Here - nmap -v -sS -A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

2. Nessus Remote Security Scanner - Get Nessus Here

3. John the Ripper - Yes, JTR 1.7 was recently releasedYou can get JTR Here

4. Nikto - Get Nikto Here

5. SuperScan - Get SuperScan Here

6. p0f - Get p0f Here

7. Wireshark (Formely Ethereal) - Get Wireshark Here

8. Yersinia - Get Yersinia Here

9. Eraser - Get Eraser Here.

10. PuTTY - Get PuTTY Here.

11. LCP - Get LCP Here

12. Cain and Abel - Get Cain and Abel Here

13. Kismet - Get Kismet Here

14. NetStumbler - Get NetStumbler Here

15. hping - Get hping Here

0.1 Metasploit – Backtrack – Paros – Proxy – Toufeeq – Pedro – BO2k – Optix – Beast – NetCat – LCP – Immunity Debbuger - 

The list is from UsCyberLabs.com



My question: What kind of penetration testing tool ( s ) do you use and which one do you prefer?


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