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One of the latest information security groups that is gaining publicity is named Project Vigilant. This group is in a fight against terror in the name of the United States. Chet Uber told the examiner that their main focus has been primarily to monitor and reveal domestic terrorist activity and illegal hacking.

The group also helps countries like Iran to keep an open communication to the world. You could see the Project Vigilant group as a white hat army that is monitoring the internet to keep you safe.

Project Vigilant is active on social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. They use each type of information that they can get their hands on. Project Vigilant uses several open source techniques to gather their information.  In the examiner Chet Uber explained that they do not spy on anybody but they just use the trails and tracks that are left behind. The public webpage from Project Vigilant can be found here.

The group has over 500 members and so it has a great flow of information passing through this group.

Aurora Cyberconflict Research Group

The following group is known for its explicit content. I am talking about the Aurora Cyberconflict Research Group on LinkedIn. This group was established in 2010 and has grown to an massive group on LinkedIn with over 4800 members. This group is owned by Niels Groeneveld and is being managed by Matthijs R. Koot, Florian Grunert and Reza Rafati.

The group initiated after the Operation Aurora incident early 2010 since then the group attracted high end information security specialists that exchanged information in a fast rate.  Aurora Cyberconflict Research Group is an invite only group.

Cyber Security forum initiative

The group got created in the year 2009 and has over 15 000 active members. I am talking about the Cyber Security Forum initiative. Their mission is to provide guidance and solutions to the private sector in the proctecting of critical civilian networks against cyberwarfare related activities.

The owner of the group is Paul De Souza and the managers of the cyber security forum initative are Jim Tiller, Maggey Felix, Justin Hornberger, Phoebe Allen, Christine S, Mark Coffin. You can find their website at CWFI.us.

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