A Warning To Anonymous From L33t S3curity©

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During my search on youtube i found this video. The video is from L33t S3curity and they have a message for Anonymous. You can read the message below. 

Greetings anonymous, we are leet security. your collective has now reached a time where we have decided to destroy and systimatically remove you from the internet. anonymous can be stopped very easily and we will show you how. the people of the world may percieve this as a joke, but after time our hacking group will slowly dismantle and crumble the anonymous empire, of course this is for our own entertainment. you think by using proxys and v pn's you can be anonymous, well you can't.

There are many rumours that leet security is a government funded hacker team, this is also incorrect, we are hackers who take on the hackers in a battle of hierachy on the internet. anonymous has too many external links and website affiliates that clearly make them sitting targets for superior hackers, both grey and black. leet security has been monitoring your actions both politically and on social networks.

The anonymous targets are quite obvious, unfortunatly, leet security aren't so forward about their presentation and public image. we are the true hackers. over the next 6 months leet security will complete three phases, upon completion we will have infiltrated all of the anonymous members, and before you say theres more of us than you, i would just hold that thought as you don't know exactly who we are and what support or prominence we have in cyber space. phase one, we will target the anon community on social networks, including face book, twitter, my space and uploading sites such as you tube and paste bin.

Phase two will consist of numerous high profile cyber attacks against anonymous in it's physical form, and phase three, we will continue our dominance over the internet to fully comply with the main objective, which is to stop anonymous once and for all.

Anonymous, you should fear us as we will allways be one step ahead. one day soon you will meet us, at which point you will regret. for those who think we are being a bit too harsh on the anonymous this you tube channel has been set with a password that contains only 8 letters, and it's my first name.

We would like you to back up the trust given to you by all your supporters and hack this account. when we come for you, we know you will run we know you will hide, we are the ones you fear, the ones you wish you could be, the ones who allways win. anonymous you should remember our name, as you are the ones we are coming for.


I just noticed, that when you search for phpSATk in google you will find various posts of some "advisory" (including a "exploit") of some l33t idiot kiddie hacker which obviously has been posted a month ago (of course I was not notified). You can find the whole story here. First this is funny because the distribution (called beta1) they thought they hacked is 2 years old and I know about nobody (including myself) who is using it -
I discontinued it in favor of a php5 version before it was usable. It seems like they were using some automatic scanning tool or do really have no clue what they are talking about because there obviously is no such vulnerability (look here and if you really want to - look at the code). On the other side this really sucks because everyone looking for phpSATk will now find some bogus security advisory.

To emphasize this again: This is not the software developed now and the security hole they claim to have found does not exist.


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