Video: Visualizing Botnets

A one minute slice of geolocated hosts that are infected with malware and unwittingly participating in a botnet.

A botnet is a collection of compromised computers, each of which is known as a 'bot', connected to the Internet. When a computer is compromised by an attacker, there is often code within the malware that commands it to become part of a botnet. The "botmaster" or "bot herder" controls these compromised computers via standards-based network protocols such as IRC and http.

In the video, Unveillance captured one minute of global botnet activity between 09:00 and 09:01 on June 11, 2012.

Unveillance slowed down the traffic so it is possible to see the individual bursts of information from infected hosts.



Lol this video could be renamed "users that pirated their software" and it would probably be as accurate. Notice all the traffic is coming from eastern europe, india, and east asia. Turns out running cracked copy of windows XP still on SP 1 and pirating all your apps is a great way to join a botnet. 

A comment from a Youtube user :)