Truecrack Password cracking for truecrypt encrypted volume files

Truecrack password cracking is a cracking tool for Truecrypt encrypted files.

You can use Truecrack to pentest truecrypt folders and volumes.

WHAT TrueCrack IS?

TrueCrack is a brute-force password cracker for TrueCrypt (Copyrigth) volume files. It works on Linux and it is optimized with Nvidia Cuda technology.
It works with cripted volumes with the following algorithms:

  • PBKDF2 (defined in PKCS5 v2.0) based on RIPEMD160 Key derivation function.
  • XTS block cipher mode of operation used for hard disk encryption based on AES.

TrueCrack can work in two different modes of use:

  • Dictionary attack: read the passwords from a file of words (one password for line).
  • Charset attack: generate the passwords from a charset of symbols defined by the user (for example: all possible strings of n characters from the charset "abc" ).


Dictionary attack from a wordlist file:
./truecrack -t TRUECRYPT_VOLUME -w WORDLIST_FILE -b 1024
Charset attack from an alphabet (ex. abc) with the maximum length(32) for single word:
./truecrack -t TRUECRYPT_VOLUME -c abc -m 32 -b 1024


Note: the blocksize argument is directly proportional to the number of parallel cuda grid blocks and the number of password computed. A value 10 to blocksize parameter means that there are 10 cuda blocks running in parallel; each block checks and verifies one single password. So 10 blocks mean 10 password computed in parallel. This value is set by default to the number of cores of the current nvidia board (the maximum is 65536 for 1.x and 2.x cuda architectures); if the GPU is disable, blocksize is set to 1024 by default.


-h --help Display the usage information.
-t --truecrypt FILE Truecrypt volume file.
-w --wordlist FILE Wordlist mode, read words from FILE.
-m --maxlength INT Charset mode, max length of words generated.
-c --charset STRING Charset mode, create words from charset STRING.
-b --blocksize INT Block size of words parallel computed.
-v --verbose Show cracked passwords.


TrueCrack can work on CPU or GPU modes.
If you want the Cuda optimization, you set the GPU variable on true:
make GPU=true
Else if you want use only the CPU resource, you set the GPU variable on false:
make GPU=false
Make sure that you have correctly install and configure nvidia cuda framework in your system. You can find a brief guide in the Download section.


Total execution time for a dictionary attack of 10,000 words with average length of word: 10 characters.
CPU mode

  • System: Intel Core-i7 920, 2,67GHz
  • Total time: 11m 01,1s

GPU mode

  • Board: nVidia GeForce GTX470
  • Total time: 0m 30,425s


TrueCrack is an Open Source Software under GNU Public License version 3. This software is Based on TrueCrypt, freely available at

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