Top 5 Cyber warfare and Cyber terrorism information groups

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The groups that you will find here are selected out of my own experience with Cyber Warfare & Cyber terrorism groups. These groups are made out of professionals that work in the information security world. 

The first group i would love to start with is the Cyberwarzone Forum.On the Cyberwarzone forum you will find topics and threads on ccwz-forum.jpgyberspace related issues. Topics like Wikileaks, Cybercrime, Cyber warfare, cyber espionage are nothing new to the cyberwarzone community. This community is a trusted community because everyone has to prove that they are trustworthy by paying 10 euro. 


The second group is the Operation Aurora - Cyberconflict group on LinkedIn. This group collects and discusses topics on cyberspace related issues. This group is founded in 2010. This group is a closed group and the only way you can join it is to get approved by the group admin. 

The third group is the study4cyberwar page. This page has a wonderfull collection on cyberspace related video's, papers and news. The study4cyberwar page has collected over 700 articles on the cyberspace issues. 

The fourth group is the Information Security group on LinkedIn. There you will find a lott of information on the security aspects of the cyberspace world. The group is very populated and it is a good point to get your information. 

The last group is the European Network and Information Security Agency - The objective is to make ENISA’s web site the European ‘hub’ for exchange of information, best practices and knowledge in the field of Information Security. This web site is an access point to the EU Member States and other actors in this field. 'ENISA- Securing Europe's Information Society'.


Please leave a message if you like the groups / if you know better groups.  


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