TeaMp0isoN hits Daily Mail & promotes #Opcensorthis

The hacking group TeaMp0isoN has defaced the daily mail website. Visitors got entertained with music and the movement TeaMp0isoN stands for.

Hacked By TeaMp0isoN 

"You can see through the lies if you can read between the lines"

For years you've poisoned the mainstream media with your sensationalist, ultranationalist nonsense, continuing to inject reader's minds with anti- immigration and borderline racist propaganda. Your distorted bias on news is wrongly justified by patriotism and conservatism, though we see through your hateful slurs. Your backward, malevolent, hate-inciting "news" shall not be tolerated anymore, stop brainwashing and lying to the British public with your pro-Zionist, racist, fascist & islamophobic propaganda.

TeaMp0isoN: TriCk - f0rsaken - MLT - Phantom~ - aXioM - C0RPS3 - iN^SaNE - ap0calypse -- Knowledge Is Power. . . 


They targeted the page and TeaMp0isoN showed it's support for Opcensorthis.

 Music: ( LYRICIST JINN - #OpCensorThis )