Suprem leader of Iran speech at Imam Ali a.s Military Academy. (English Sub)

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I would like to extend my congratulations to all the dear graduates of the military academies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and all the dear youth who have received epaulets and joined the ranks of the mujahids of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Army.

The fact that so many faithful and sincere youth -- graduates and students -- join the great Army and Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic is worthy of congratulating. In every one of my meetings with you faithful and pious youth, I thank Allah the Exalted from the bottom of my heart. You should also thank God for these great blessings.

Military academies of the Islamic Republic of Iran are the centers of knowledge and jihad. The scent of spirituality and piety in these academies keeps getting stronger on a daily basis. This is a cause for joy and happiness. These academies are active in terms of scientific work and they enjoy active students, good teachers and commanders who are also outstanding scientific figures. Moreover, the atmosphere of mujahid-like and pious preparedness, the war games, undergoing military training in the hot weather of summer during the month of Ramadan, the large number of cadets who fast once or more every week -- these are things that are unprecedented not only in the Armed Forces of our country but also in the armed forces of the world of Islam. These things are the result of the firm determination of a nation that has been making efforts to raise the flag of faith, Islam and piety. Members of the Armed Forces -- who study, undergo training, make efforts and prepare themselves for the sake of God and divine ideals and who enter the arena selflessly whenever there is an opportunity for selfless struggle and defense -- are a source of power for Islam and Muslims. They are a source of power for the country.

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