Student Hacker Can Be Extradited To The US

A British student accused of breaching US copyright could face trial in the US after a judge ruled that he can be extradited.A judge at Westminster Magistrates Court agreed with US prosecutors that 23-year-old Richard O'Dwyer should face trial in America rather than in the UK.

The Sheffield Hallam University undergraduate has been fighting extradition since he was arrested for setting up a website which allowed people access to films and TV shows for free.
He immediately announced he would appeal the latest ruling in the High Court.Speaking outside court, Mr O'Dwyer said:

"I'm obviously disappointed with the judge's decision today. I think I've got faith in the High Court in making the right decision."

He said he did not think his website "would get that popular", adding that the case against him seemed like "a guinea pig activity".
His mother Julie, who was with him on the court steps, said she was "very disappointed, in fact disgusted" at the ruling.

"I'd hoped for better from the judge in view of his previous comments that we have a good case for the offence not being an extradition offence. So disappointed that the man can't think out of the extradition box," she said.

She added that she was "disappointed with this Government for signing us up to this treaty which has openend up the floodgates to America to come and seize British citizens without having set foot out of this country. That extradition law needs fixing fast."
Mr O'Dwyer ran a site called TV Shack from his university digs between 2007 and 2010.

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