Strike On Iran's Nuclear Facilities Report!

Center For Strategic & International Studies published on Sep,6,2012 Analyzing the Impact of Preventive Strikes Against Iran’s Nuclear Facilities.

Over the past couple of months, speculation about a U.S. or Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities has made headlines around the globe. This report addresses how the U.S. could take the lead in carrying out a preventive Military Strike against Iran If all peaceful options have been exhausted and Iran has left no other means to convince it to stop or change its course in pursuing nuclear weapons .

It also examines how the US could provide a defense umbrella against any Iranian air and missile retaliation that would be aimed at U.S. military targets and allies in the region, in particular the GCC states.

10 B-2 Bombers and at least 16 F-18s would go in after Iran's air defenses were as neutralized as possible
Whatever Iranian launch sites remain will respond in force